BV007, Released 2012.

Big Village is proud to announce the release of Daily Meds’ debut full length ‘Happy Daze’.

Throughout the twists and turns of the 14 track LP, it becomes clear that the foursome share an uncompromising musical vision. Daily Meds have crafted THE album which has been so sorely missing from the local hip hop landscape, focusing on forward thinking production and relevant social issues the songs on Happy Daze can impact a full room of party goers equally as someone listening at home.

On Happy Daze, it quickly becomes clear that P.Smurf and Mikoen are two of the fastest MC’s in Sydney, with double time rap’s becoming the norm for Daily Meds. Matched with powerful R&B/Pop inspired vocals from Billie Rose and producer Roleo’s knack for hard-hitting beats Happy Daze showcases the raw and intense energy that the crew has become known for over the years.

Daily Meds is more than just a party crew though, and lyrically there is depth to their songs, real life experience meets philosophical self-realization, and the crew is unashamed of wearing their views and experience on their sleeves, from sordid tales and party escapades to the inherent social and political issues faced by today’s youth.

Happy Daze is an excellent introduction to the world of Daily Meds: A world where old meets new, and nothing is taboo. The crew have an original sound which they push forwards with integrity and originality, boldly standing out amongst their hip hop peers.